spherical speaker net around the subject in anechoic chamber at DTU (Technical University of Denmark)

Fully Anechoic Chamber

IAC Acoustics A/S has the most experience in Europe with anechoic chambers. Since we opened in Scandinavia in 2000, we delivered dozens of anechoic chambers to respected companies such as Nokia, Oticon, Sennheiser and universities in the Nordics.

A fully anechoic chamber, also known as an echo-free room, is typically a box-in-box structure. 99% of all sound energy over a defined frequency band is absorbed by the walls, floors and ceilings, thus simulating a measurement set-up floating high up in the air, free of reflection and background noise.

An anechoic chamber must generally meet the requirements described in ISO 3744 or ISO 3745. Thus, electronics and hardware can be tested and certified according to various standards. Here, we have great expertise.

To build an anechoic chamber is a multidisciplinary discipline which requires a deep understanding of room acoustics, building acoustics and electro-acoustics. Furthermore, knowledge of building work and construction is also a prerequisite for good solutions. As professionals, we help with the difficult requirements analysis and with defining the requirements for room size and cut-off frequency. We advise on, and perform, measurement set-ups and insertion attenuation across walls and acoustic weak points such as doors, ventilation systems, cable ducts and more.

We provide the full package: We design, deliver and install. And finish up with a measurement report showing that the room meets the acoustic objective.

As a rule, our fully anechoic chambers are box-in-box constructions delivered with:

  • Soundproof doors with "basket-door"
  • Silenced adjustable ventilation
  • Silent adjustable lighting
  • Installation on vibration silencers
  • Soundproof cable lead-ins
  • Sound absorption wedges made from acoustic foam with an added flame retardant
  • Cable flooring/trampoline floors or acoustic, transparent grid floor.
  • Net which collects things that are dropped through the floor.
  • Power and electrical installations
  • Fixtures and holders for measurement setups
IAC Acoustic Test Facilities
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