IAC Curved Jet Wake Barriers (Jet Blast Barriers) changes the direction of the jet stream

Curved Type Jet Wake Barrier

Jet Wake Barriers is a safety device which redirects high-energy exhaust from a jet engine to prevent damage and injury. The structure must be strong enough to withstand the heat and air flows at high speed, as well as the dust and dirt carried by the turbulent air.

Jet Wake Barrier rated for Full Power

IAC Acoustics A/S’ Curved type Jet Wake Barrier is distinguished by directing the jet stream directly into the air and by being rated for Full Power. In addition there is the option to upgrade the model to act as a noise screen, as you can install a noise screen at the rear and thereby obtain an acoustic attenuation of 10-15dB.

Rated for:

  • Taxi
  • Breakaway
  • Full Power

Jet deflector and Jet wash barriers

Jet Wake Barriers also go under names such as:

  • Jet blast barriers
  • Jet blast deflector
  • Jet deflector
  • Jet wash barriers
  • Jet deflectors

IAC Jet Wake Barriers are painted in the approved aeronautical colours red and white, in accordance with the requirements of international CAA guidelines. The barrier is made of galvanised steel and has an aesthetically pleasing expression.

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