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IAC Acoustics A/S is a distributor of various regular acoustic products. In addition to our own unique products, we also sell products from Paroc, Absoflex, Ecophon and Järven. On this site, we have chosen to show the products which we believe are the best when taking price, appearance and performance into account.

IAC Varitone

IAC Varitone is an acoustic absorption panel designed to absorb sound and distracting echo. The panel has a sound-absorbing core and a perforated steel surface which shields the sound absorber from impact and shock. The sound absorbing panel is typically used as a wall panel and is available in thicknesses of 50mm and 100mm, where the 100mm model absorbs low frequencies slightly better. The panel is available in up to 3.6 meters in length.

IAC Absorbtion Systems
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IAC Varitone Brochure
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IAC Ro/Ro is a suspension system for hygiene baffles, especially designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Baffles suspended from IAC Acoustics A/S’ Ro/Ro suspension system are mounted on trolleys which run on a rail system mounted directly below the ceiling. The baffles are mutually connected, so that they can be pulled to a selected area in the production room, where cleaning and maintenance can take place.

IAC Datasheet RO-RO
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Paroc Buller Bevel

Buller Bevel from Paroc is a very popular product which offers quick acoustic control at a price which is easy to understand. The panels can be glued directly onto the wall and ceiling and needs no rail systems or mechanical fastening. The panels are 1200x600x40 mm, and, by default, all surfaces are white. The panels have a broken edge which allows them to be mounted directly next to each other. Fast delivery.

Parafon Buller Bevel
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Paroc wall coverings

Parafon wall panel is, in our opinion, a fantastic product. This wall covering with a slugger surface is delivered in large panels of 2700x1200x40 mm, which are then cut during assembly and fitted on top and bottom rails. The product is highly impact-resistant and is extremely easy to clean with its dirt-repellent surface. The product comes in white, grey and black.

PARAFON Wall Panel
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Paroc Classic

Parafon classic is an acoustic panel for suspended ceilings. The panel has good absorption coefficients and a high degree of light reflectance. Suitable for offices, classrooms and commercial buildings in general. The product comes in many thicknesses, sizes and colours, as well as with edges A and E. Parafon Classic is a safe choice for any office.

Parafon Classic
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Paroc Foil Baffle

The Parafon foil baffle is an acoustic absorbent suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical industries. The foil baffles can be mounted individually on wire or S-hooks, so that there is still access to technical installations and light can enter the building. The foil is made from PE and a bit of UV inhibitor has been added, prolonging its life.

IAC Foliebaffel Type 1
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IAC Foliebaffel Type 2
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Absoflex Flex

Absoflex Flex is a modern acoustic panel for mounting directly on a wall. The product comes in many sizes and colours. We believe it to be the product which looks the best, compared to other, similar products. It can even be used as a bulletin board. The product is 54 mm thick, quick to install and extremely decorative and looks great when combined in different colours

Absoflex Flex Datablad
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Absoflex Flex Montagevejledning
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Absoflex office screen

Absoflex office screen is a typical office screen. We believe it to be better than other noise screens as the screen actually both absorbs sound and stops the sound from passing through. It is available with a light wooden frame and a painted wooden frame. Furthermore, it is available in many different colours and sizes. A wide range of accessories enables various combinations.

Absoflex Kontorsstøjskærm Datablad
1.9 MB Download

Absoflex industrial screen

Absoflex industrial screen is the new generation of noise barriers for workshops and day care centres. It is robust, simple, nice and can withstand impact and solve acoustic and noise problems in many places. Ideal as a room divider. The product is available in many different colours and sizes and with a wide range of accessories which enable many different combinations.

Absoflex Industristøjskærm Datablad
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Absoflex sound curtain

The Absoflex fabric sound curtain is probably the only product of its kind in Northern Europe, where aesthetics have been carefully considered. The product is unique and not only stops the sound, but also absorbs sound. Ideal as a room divider or in bedrooms when you want to shut out noise and light for the night. Available in many colours and sizes.

Absoflex Lydgardin Datablad
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Absoflex Lydgardin Montagevejledning
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