Interview room

Interview rooms which allow confidential conversations are a job for IAC Acoustics A/S. We offer a comfortable setting for even the most unpleasant situation.

Facilities for questioning

Interview room

IAC Acoustics A/S' modular construction system makes it possible to fit an interview room into virtually all existing buildings. Doors with a high degree of sound insulation and windows with an extremely high degree of sound insulation are a requirement for this type of room. Pleasant surroundings make up the setting for a confidential conversation and make the interviewee relax and open up about difficult issues.

Interview rooms are available with:

  • Doors and windows with a high degree of sound insulation
  • One-way mirrors where you can look inside, but not out
  • Installation of hidden microphones and other digital devices
  • Silent ventilation which lowers stress levels
  • Carpets providing homely atmosphere.
  • Impact resistant acoustical surfaces which ensure good speech intelligibility and quality of sound recordings
  • Means which prevent bugging can be built into the wall, ventilation system and in/output signals

We typically classify acoustic facilities in three main groups:

  • Privacy Rw50, NIC 46 For example: Hotels, meeting rooms Classrooms
  • Confidential Rw55, NIC 51, For example: Lawyer offices, board rooms, confidential facilities
  • Performance Rw62, NIC 60 For example: Radio studios, Sound studios. NANO rooms

Interview rooms belong under "Confidential". And this includes that any weak link in the structure must have at least a Rw55 rating.

IAC Police interview Rooms
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