rooms shielded from sound, vibration, and radiation

NANO chambers

Within NANO technology, immense progress has been made in recent years. In that regard, IAC Acoustics A/S has helped develop facilities which are particularly suited to work with NANO technology. In the projects we have been involved in, it has been a requirement to reduce physical vibrations and movements caused by sound waves to an absolute minimum. In addition, it has been a requirement that the rooms were shielded from radio frequencies in the same way as a Faraday cage is. To meet these requirements, we have built the rooms from some of our heaviest and best acoustic panels. All joints and lead-ins have been done acoustically correct and in accordance with good etiquette as regards RF and EMC protected rooms. Below is a list of some of the features which our NANO rooms have been equipped with:

  • Acoustics dampened and RF shielded ventilation system with HEPA filters
  • Filter on all electrical lead-ins in order to avoid electrical noise, and the introduction of the RF signals
  • Installation of acoustic absorbers suitable for clean rooms and laboratories for controlling the reverberation time
  • Radiators on walls and ceilings with cold and hot water supply keep the temperature at 20 degrees + 1/-1 degree
  • Lighting via optical fibres, so that signal noise is kept outside the room
  • Clean room surfaces
  • High acoustic dampening
  • Extreme tolerance to vibrations
  • High demands on RF/EMC shielding

The NANO rooms we built, however, have all been different. Some of them have been large and others have been small. All in all, the large amount of technical installations and high requirements for background noise, vibration and RF shielding make NANO rooms one of our most complex products.

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