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Rooms to animal testing

Many of IAC Acoustics A/S' acoustic facilities are made for human testing, including listening and audiology booths. Similarly, we can build test facilities for experiments on animals. Sometimes, we have been involved in projects to build test facilities for tests on animal species ranging from pigs, crows, seals, rats and monkeys. Usually, these are tests concerned with learning in undisturbed surroundings or medicine trials which may affect hearing. Our very small anechoic chambers are mostly suited for experiments on small animals, whereas tests on larger animals such as horses and pigs must naturally take place in larger facilities, where we typically use some of the same design principles as when we build audiometric sound rooms. Rooms for larger animals are almost always a special task, and since most animals hear well and poorly at different frequency ranges, such facilities must be adjusted accordingly.

IAC Acoustics A/S will not contribute to projects in which animals are assumed to suffer during tests or studies.

Our rooms for animal testing can be supplied with:

  • Soundproof windows and doors
  • Cleaning-friendly surfaces
  • Drain in the floor for flushing droppings
  • Silenced adjustable ventilation
  • Silent adjustable lighting
  • Soundproof cable channels
  • Soundproof feed mechanisms to reward the animal for "correct" actions

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