cylindrical steel exhaust muffler

Exhaust mufflers

IAC Acoustics A/S have developed a range of silencers for engines. These silencers reduce exhaust noise from all types of internal combustion engines, including gasoline, diesel or gas.

Our mufflers are available in standard models which are either built as absorption mufflers or resonance mufflers.

Absorption engine silencers: 15 dB(A) to 25 dB(A); type SM15P and SM25PResonance muffler: 30 dB(A) to 50 dB(A); type SM30P, SM40P, SM50P

The standard models are stocked and offer noise attenuation from 15 dB(A) and upwards of 50 dB(A). If there is a need for greater noise reduction, it is possible to connect several devices one after the other, or IAC can custom-design a muffler to fit your needs.

Our "engine exhaust silencers" come in many different materials and shapes, such as oval design and rectangular design. In addition, a full range of accessories with flanges, bends, gaskets and nuts/bolts which compliment the range of silencers is available. Moreover, it is possible to have catalyst and spark arrester integrated, so that the silencers may be used in ATEX zones.

IAC Engine Exhaust Silencers
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