silencer, cylinder-shaped seen from above

large industrial silencers

IAC Acoustics A/S are experts in the design and manufacture of large industrial silencers. We have our own designs which, over the years, have proven their worth worldwide in thousands of industrial applications, such as gas turbines, generators and process plants. The energy sector, mining industry and even the offshore industry are typical buyers of these silencers.

Our designs comprise everything from reactive silencers to absorption silencers, baffle silencers – square and cylindrical – as well as silencers for contaminated air and gases.

To name a few of our different types of large industrial silencers:

  • Inline silencers
  • Vent silencers
  • HRSG silencers
  • Hot exhaust gas silencers
  • Splitter silencers

Our silencers are manufactured under high quality requirements and come with complete documentation of materials, welding methods, processes, FAT test mm.

IAC Boiler and HRSG Silencers
1.1 MB Download
IAC Compressed Gas Silencers
2.4 MB Download
IAC Large industrial silencers
1.6 MB Download
IAC Stack and Fluegas Silencers
1.7 MB Download

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