Valve muffler in factory

Valve muffler

A valve muffler is a component made to reduce the very high level of noise which occurs when high pressure gas or steam is released into the open atmosphere. The noise is produced by the rapid turbulence which occurs in the mixing chamber and the rapid expansion of the gas as it enters the atmosphere. Valve mufflers can also exert rearward pressure on the degassing process, thus ensuring correct operation of the facility.

Typically, two silencing principles are built into a valve muffler. First, there is a diffuser section to address the deep tones and dim wideband noise. Next, there is an absorption section which substantially attenuates middle and high frequency noise.

Valve mufflers are usually used in power plants and process plants and can be used to dampen the noise of safety relief valves, operating valves, start-up valves etc.

IAC Acoustics A/S developed a standard system based on a very simple muffler design, which can be expanded upon to ensure greater attenuation as needed.

  • VS Residential: 20 dB attenuation
  • VS Critical: 30 dB attenuation
  • VS Super critical: 40 dB attenuation
  • VS Extreme: 50 dB attenuation
  • VS Super Extreme: 60 dB attenuation
  • VS Special: Specially designed silencer

Our valve mufflers are designed to comply with various standards and pressure directives.

IAC Valve Silencers
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