People sitting in a listening booth with headphones on ears

Listening booth

IAC Acoustics A/S' listening booths create a professional, pleasant environment for people to assess sounds and sound effects. Unlike many other technical sound facilities, such as reverberation and semi-anechoic chambers where electronic measuring equipment often determines whether the sound sounds correct or incorrect, listening booths put humans at the centre and allow the right people to be the judges of what sounds good and true.

Among other things, listening booths are used for:

  • Evaluation and development of sound quality from Hi-Fi equipment
  • Psycho-acoustic surveys. Sound and reactions
  • Evaluation and development of sounds from mechanics and technology such as car doors closing and ringtones from mobile phones
  • Quality assurance of products such as hearing aids and high-end Hi-Fi equipment, before it is packed and shipped to customers

There is money to be made from getting the sound right. And much to lose from getting the sound wrong. Therefore, listening booths are a necessary element of R&D departments in many different industries.

Our patented construction system ensures great attenuation across the wall and high acoustic insertion attenuation in all weak links such as doors, windows, ventilation systems and the like. But when it comes to listening booths, the job is not done simply by ensuring a high level of sound insulation. In listening booths, reverberation and sound quality come under the microscope and the prevailing standards for listening require crisp balancing of reverberations across different frequency bands.

During the design phase, we run the planned constructions through acoustic analysis tools to ensure that the final product meets the required standards. Finally, the booth is calibrated with diffusers, bass absorbers and various Hemholtz resonators to ensure 100% compliance with the objective.

Listening booths are typically delivered with:

  • soundproof doors and windows
  • Silent adjustable ventilation
  • Low-noise adjustable lighting
  • Soundproof cable lead-ins
  • Power and electrical installations
  • Carpets or linoleum

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