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Music practice room

IAC Acoustics A/S' music practice rooms are the perfect environment for musicians and singers to practice, evaluate and improve their performance in silence and without disturbing the surroundings. Our music practice rooms are made up of our modular construction system and can thus be adapted to any construction. We have a number of standard solutions, but often have to adjust these slightly in terms of size and placement of doors and windows, in order for them to fit perfectly into their surroundings.

Soundproof music rooms are typically used in institutions such as:

  • Music schools
  • Music conservatories
  • Youth schools
  • Warm-up rooms in concert halls

Music practice rooms are delivered complete with:

  • Acoustic windows
  • Soundproof doors
  • Socket outlet
  • Silent ventilation system
  • Carpets

We assist all the way from the difficult design phase and needs analysis to final commissioning. Usually, we offer to build the rooms using our acoustic construction system, Moduline. Moduline has a short installation time, and can be disassembled and assembled if the room needs to be moved or upgraded.

We also have expertise in building music rooms and acoustic facilities in regular construction materials such as steel and dry wall, and in that connection, we have our own production of acoustic mounts, sound silencers, vibration silencers, soundproof doors and acoustic windows for the construction of traditional music practice rooms.

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