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Studios and control rooms

IAC Acoustics A/S' studios and control rooms are a wide range of solutions which cover all industry needs. Our building system, IAC Moduline, containing acoustic windows, doors, panels, vibration absorbers etc. has been created for one sole purpose; keep sound out/in and create perfect acoustic environments. Our building system is modular and ensures a rapid, seamless installation of complete studios and departments, completely insulated from vibrations from the remaining building.
We design, plan and deliver:

  • TV studios
  • Radio studios
  • Music studios
  • Listening rooms
  • Control rooms
  • Voice-over boxes
  • Rehearsal rooms

And much more.

All our components are acoustically tested and our jointing details have proven their worth in thousands of structures worldwide. Building studios and control rooms requires acoustic know-how, and out of all the industries we operate in, the music industry is particularly characterised by self-builders who think they know how, but the results are rarely good, and this has a detrimental effect on the sound quality in the final recordings and broadcasts. In this case, good advice, as we say in Denmark, are literally expensive, and we therefore recommend that you contact us to get through the process well.

Our studios and control rooms are usually Box-in-Box constructions erected on vibration silencers. Studios and control rooms come with:

  • Soundproof doors and soundproof windows
  • Silenced adjustable ventilation
  • Silent adjustable lighting
  • Soundproof cable lead-ins
  • Power and electrical installations
  • Fixtures and holders for measurement set-ups
IAC Modular Studioes
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