Soundproof doors

IAC Acoustics A/S soundproof doors are offered as single doors and double doors with sound classifications from 47dB(A) to 64dB(A). Simple frame structures make it possible to incorporate these soundproof doors in virtually every wall and wall construction.

Soundproof swing door with an additional inserted soundproof sliding door in front of it

Soundproof doors

IAC Acoustics A/S soundproof doors are in a class of their own. This is a quality product, and it can be felt from the moment you take hold of the door. It swings open silently and closes with just the right sound, but most importantly, it keeps the noise out. As much as 64dB(A).

Most soundproof doors on the market have earned their silencing certificates by testing doors with a single leaf. We tested our doors in double-leaf configuration, inserted into frames and with built-in windows. Therefore, you can be sure that our doors actually keep what they promise.

Soundproof doors with CAM-lift hinges

As a special thing, our soundproof doors are equipped with CAM-lift hinges which lift the door when it opens and lets it sink tight against the threshold when closing. In addition, CAM-lift hinges make the doors self-closing. Magnetic strips keep the door closed tightly, and all doors are delivered with a door closer which ensures a steady and controlled closing of these relatively heavy door leaves.

Hardware to soundproof doors

Soundproof doors like these have a thicker leaf than other doors, and therefore not all fittings fit these doors. To make the choice of fittings easy and unproblematic, we made a series of package solutions of fittings and hardware which fit our soundproof doors. In this connection, reference is made to the download at the bottom.

IAC Door Hardware Catalogue
3.5 MB Download
IAC Noise-Lock Doors
560 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock Doors Installation Guide
1.1 MB Download
Noise-Lock-D 50-Datasheet
136 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 52-Datasheet
134 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 53-Datasheet
135 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 59-Datasheet
134 KB Download
Noise-Lock-D 63-Datasheet
129 KB Download

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