Large acoustic door high degree of sound insulation installed in Oslo concert hall

Soundproof gates

IAC Acoustics A/S delivers and installs custom-built gates with high requirements for sound attenuation.

Soundproof doors known for their durability

IAC Acoustics A/S' soundproof doors go by the name Super Noise Lock or Z-frame doors. Our soundproof doors can be built up to 7 meters in height and 5 meters wide for a double leaf door. Since soundproof doors are too large for laboratory testing, these doors are not Rw marked, but rather R'w. That means that these marks are given on the basis of field measurements, which are usually some dB below laboratory measurements.

Our soundproof doors are known for their durability and the soundproof doors we installed 25 years ago still work today.

When the leaves are large, it may be an idea to install a soundproof door in door leaf which allows passage without the need to open the entire gate or door.

IAC has two standard models within Soundproof gates:

  • R'w 50, 100mm door leaf
  • R'w 55, 150mm door leaf

Our soundproof doors are typically used in buildings such as:

  • Acoustic test cells
  • Factories
  • Studios
  • Theatres
  • Power plants
  • Pumping stations
IAC Super-Noise-Lock Doors
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