acoustic window construction installed in recording studio

Soundproof windows

IAC Acoustics A/S' acoustic windows with Noise-Lock® is a series of high-performance acoustic windows. These windows provide sound reduction of 30dB(A) and 74dB(A), depending on the model chosen. The windows are built to order and assembled in our factory, so that they can easily and quickly be installed when they arrive. Our soundproof windows are precision-made and are available in various materials such as stainless steel or plain galvanised steel. Thanks to their simple construction, they can be installed in ordinary buildings with e.g. concrete walls and plaster structures. Usually, acoustic windows are indoor constructions and not suitable for installation in facades. All our window constructions are acoustically tested and certified.

For example, our sound rated windows are used in:

  • Factory offices
  • TV studios and radio studios
  • Audiometric sound rooms
  • Music rooms
  • Interview rooms
  • Meeting rooms

Acoustic windows are often used in special buildings and our windows are therefore supplied with different types of glass such as:

  • Laminated safety glass
  • "One-way" glass
  • Bulletproof glass
  • Fire-resistant glass
IAC Noise-Lock+W-150 Datasheet
198 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock+W-250 Datasheet
209 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock+W-350 Datasheet
204 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock+W-450 Datasheet
220 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock W-100 Datasheet
201 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock W-200 Datasheet
202 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock W-300 Datasheet
216 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock W-400 Datasheet
214 KB Download
IAC Noise-Lock Windows
370 KB Download

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