Older fighter jet tested in Hush House built by IAC

Hush Houses

IAC Acoustics A/S designs and delivers Hush Houses for operation and maintenance of civil and military aircraft.

Testing of installed or uninstalled aircraft engines

Hush Houses enable testing and maintenance in all weather conditions, at any time of day. In a Hush House, it is possible to test already installed or uninstalled aircraft engines under realistic load conditions. Our Hush Houses can be designed for all smaller aircraft and engines, as well as for multiple aircraft at the same time. In addition to providing shelter from the rain and wind, a Hush House creates a much better acoustic dampening than i.e. a Run up Pen.

Simulation of acoustic conditions and CFD analyses of airflow

During the design phase, simulation of acoustic conditions is performed as well as CFD analyses of airflow and thermal conditions. All building blocks in our Moduline system have been thoroughly tested in laboratories and proven in countless installations. Therefore, we take full responsibility for the functionality of the final installation. IAC Hush Houses come fully equipped with all necessary safety and support systems, including:

  • Fire extinguishing systems – water spray, foam or gas
  • Data collection system
  • Integrated fuel system
  • Engine start system
  • Fast-switching between different engine types
  • Fluid and pneumatic systems
  • Control rooms
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Air-cooled exhaust systems with low maintenance

In addition to the above, our solutions include:

  • Project management
  • Consulting and requirements analysis
  • All building design and construction
IAC Aviation
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