Floor Damping, Wall Mounts and Ceiling Mounts

IAC Acoustics are able to supply floor damping sheets, wall mounts and ceiling mount to suit challenging acoustic situations and solution needs. Below you will find our overall range of dampers and mounts.
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Floor dampers in the form of Vikacell and FZH Jack Up System

Floor damping

A floating floor acts as an isolator, as well as sound absorption and vibration isolation in both directions. For example, so that noise in a music studio doesn’t leak out into an office landscape, and the noise in the office landscape doesn’t enter the music studio.

Isolation wall mount from IAC

Wall mount

Isolation wall mount that can be used when fixing sound isolating secondary walls. A sound isolating secondary wall reduces impact sound by 8 – 12 dB, depending on the existing wall construction.

Ceiling mount for sound insulation

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mount can be used for sound insulation together with suspended plasterboard ceilings. Ceiling mounts are constructed to “support” and provide vibration isolation to a plasterboard ceiling from the existing ceiling.

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