Sound absorbents

Sound absorbents are most often used for sound absorption in machine enclosures, engine compartments, acoustic vents and ventilation ducts. The profiled types are also used in recording studios, singing practice rooms, music rooms and rehearsal rooms. To be turned to face the sound source.


IKALON 135 MK Sound absorbent

Particularly robust to shocks and wear w/adhesive.


IKALON135ALUMK Sound absorbent

Heat reflecting aluminium foil surface w/adhesive.


IKALON MF MK Sound absorbent

Foil protected for damp places w/adhesive.


IKALON PROFIL Sound absorbent

For reducing high frequency noise w/adhesive.


PYRAMIDE Sound absorbent

Perfect for music studios and practice rooms.


LABYRINT Sound absorbent

Perfect for sound studios and music/practice rooms.


LA V2 Sound absorbent w/adhesive

Wear resistant foil surface for cabs.


LA SE Sound absorbent w/adhesive

Light absorbent with aluminium surface.

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