EMC anechoic chamber in grey and yellow colour

RF Protected Chambers

IAC Acoustics A/S builds and installs Faraday cage installations which provide good protection from RF signals. Faraday cage structures may be used in many situations and for a variety of purposes, as described below.

Basically, our acoustic construction system, which is made of steel, is an excellent Faraday cage and without changing the default jointings and details, our Moduline delivers what we call a "level 1" shielding of 25dB. If desired, we can improve our jointing details, so that there is certain metallic contact in all jointings, and by placing RF gaskets in the doors and RF filters in the ventilation system as well as signal filters on all incoming electrical installations, we achieve what we refer to as a "Level 2" shielding of 50dB, which will be sufficient for most purposes. In case of, simultaneous, extreme RF protection and acoustics requirements, we can offer a solution where we build a 100% Faraday cage on the outside of our standard acoustic wall. We refer to such a solution as a "level 3" shielding of 100dB.

Summary of our Shielding levels:

  • Level 1: 25dB
  • Level 2: 50dB
  • Level 3: 100dB

IAC Faraday cage solutions are used for:

  • LF/RF/HF tests
  • EMC test labs
  • Wireless product testing
  • EMI/RFI shielded server rooms
  • Protection of sensitive information (NATO TEMPEST standards)
  • HEMP & EMP Protection* Neuroscience Laboratories
  • Cellular communication devices
  • Immunity & emission test chambers* MRI rooms
  • Neurology labs

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