noise enclosure with multiple feedthroughs


When it comes to very noisy facilities, no panel system reduces noise as well as IAC Moduline.

Noise enclosure from 40dB(A) to 60dB(A)

The panel system can be delivered in several different types, with acoustic data from 40dB(A) for the most simple panel to 60dB(A) for the best panel. The panel system can be provided with windows, doors etc. which, like the panel system, are designed to dampen at least as much noise as the panel.

The system is modular, and all deliveries are made on the basis of prior measurements and assessments of your actual needs. The fact that the panel system is modular makes it possible to disassemble the system and reassemble it again in many places without losing acoustic integrity. Over the years, IAC has delivered more than 80,000 Moduline constructions and this panel system is also used to build the wall of recording studios, anechoic chambers, interview rooms etc.

The panel system can be constructed in plain galvanised sheet, but is also available in painted or stainless steel.

Among other things, acoustic enclosures can be delivered with:

  • Lighting and socket outlets suitable for outdoor installations
  • UPS
  • Grounding of columns and walls
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Mechanical or natural ventilation
  • Erected on vibration dampers

Acoustic measurements of noise

The acoustic data available on the Moduline system has been obtained by testing on large panel walls which include jointings, wall details etc. Thus, you can trust that the entire Moduline construction performs in accordance with the test results, as acoustic measurements have not just been done on a single panel.

IAC Moduline
949 KB Download
IAC Moduline Enclosures 2
679 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 2 Datasheet
191 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 2 Hard Datasheet
173 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 3 Datasheet
174 KB Download
IAC Noiselock 4 Datasheet
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IAC Noiselock 5 Datasheet
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IAC Noisheild Hard Datasheet
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IAC Noisheild Regular Datasheet
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