Anechoic Chambers

fully anechoic chamber with grey wedges and led lighting

Fully anechoic chamber

Anechoic chamber with sound absorption wedges on all 6 internal surfaces of a room. IAC Acoustics A/S have the most experience with anechoic chambers in Northern Europe. Not only do we have the greatest expertise, we also have the best products and the most complete solutions.

red and white truck in semi-anechoic chamber with metal wedges

Semi-anechoic chamber

Semi-anechoic chamber, hemi anechoic chamber or semi anechoic chamber. A room with sound absorbing wedges on the inside of all walls and the ceiling. Within this area, IAC Acoustics A/S has more experience with anechoic chambers than anyone in Northern Europe. Not only do we have the greatest expert...

flat anechoic chamber with metal absorbers

Flat anechoic chamber

A flat anechoic chamber is an almost anechoic chamber covered in flat sound absorbers on 5 of the rooms 6 inner surfaces. This is also called a planarchoic chamber. Flat anechoic chambers are used in situations where the acoustic requirements are not quite as strict.

man in front of double door to small anechoic chamber

Small anechoic chamber

IAC also offers small anechoic and soundproof boxes. We can tailor a box to fit you exactly, or we can produce one of our standard models: Microdyne and MAC.

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