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Secret room

Bug-safe and espionage-safe rooms form the setting for the storage of confidential documents and conversations between security cleared officers and officials. Our expertise with this type of facilities comes from the many SCIF facilities we have built in the US and the international ties in the IAC organisation mean that we can offer these spaces in Europe as well. The rooms are built on the basis of common standards for secret rooms written for the air force, navy and army.

The rooms can be built as containers which can be sent along on missions or as stationary facilities in existing buildings. The IAC Group has experience in building secret rooms which comply with various standards such as:

  • JAFAN 6/9
  • DCID 6/9
  • ICD 705

As a point of departure, all our secret rooms are designed with:

  • 5mm exterior steel plate
  • Bars covering all ventilation openings
  • Secure doors with special, "unpickable" locking mechanisms
  • Entry alarms
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Signal filter on all incoming or outgoing signals
  • Regular lights and electricity
  • Vault

Usually, it is requested that the facility meets a cross between the different standards and requirements, so that the facility eventually meets the actual needs rather than fictitious needs arising from standards and international rules.

IAC Securety Rooms
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