fighter pulled out of a Hush House built by iac

Hush Houses

IAC Acoustics A/S designs and delivers Hush Houses for operation and maintenance of civil and military aircraft. Hush Houses make testing and maintenance possible in all weather conditions, around the clock in a secluded environment where noise is reduced. Installed or dismounted aircraft engines can be tested under realistic load conditions.

iac GRE or Ground Run-Up enclosure

Ground Run-Up

IAC Acoustics A/S developed the best-looking and best-performing Ground Run-Up Enclosures. In-depth aerodynamic analysis and the use of new technology has led to the next generation of Ground Run-Up Enclosures.

APU auxiliary motor tested in iac test facility

Test facilities for aircraft engines and APUs

APU Testing Facilities are test facilities for auxiliary engines. Auxiliary engines are most frequently referred to as APUs (Auxiliary Power Unit).
APUs are used to start the main engines of most aircraft, military vehicles, rockets and spacecraft.

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