Rubber buffers are used to reduce all types of drop and impact shocks

Rubber Buffers and Polyurethane Buffers

Rubber buffers are used to reduce all types of drop and impact shocks from cranes, rail wagons, doors and gates, as well as in many other applications.

Rubber buffers can also be used vibration isolation in machines as limiting elements against extreme oscillations. Rubber buffers can be mounted in either the fixed or the movable machine part.

If a rubber buffer does not provide adequate spring, 2 buffers can be connected in series, and if one buffer cannot absorb the energy, two buffers can be mounted parallel to each other.


PB Polyurethane Buffer Foot

Polyurethane buffer foot with threaded stud.

Rubber Buffer type GB

Rubber Buffer Parabola GB

Threaded hole or threaded stud, also in stainless steel.


Conical Rubber Buffer GBC

Conical buffer also available in stainless steel


Rubber Buffer Block GBB

Solid rubber buffer, available in four different types


Rubber Buffer GBS + GBKS

Buffer with suction cup function and conical frustum type


Rubber Buffer GBF-GBR-GBK

Buffers in parabolic, half circle and conical


Rubber Buffer GBT-GBTM

Rubber buffer block and Rubber buffer block with metal

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