Solving tasks within audiometry, test facilities, machine noise and sound studios

Experts in noise control, acoustics and vibration

IAC Acoustics A/S is a company specializing in noise, acoustics and vibration. IAC Acoustics A/S is an independent company under IAC Greentec Acoustics, and employs some 15 staff at its office in Hvidovre, Denmark. The Hvidovre office is responsible for the entire Scandinavian market. The IAC Acoustics Group is also represented by companies in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia and China.

The company is the preferred supplier of professionals for vibration isolation products.

The Danish office has its own warehouse and own production line for anti-vibration products. This vibration engineering department was formerly known as VIKAS. For decades, VIKAS has been the preferred supplier of professionals for anti-vibration and vibration damping sheets. VIKAS has a large range of products among the highest quality and well thought-through designs on the market. Vikas is also the IAC Group's knowledge centre for anti-vibration.

A strong product portfolio of noise and acoustic products

IAC Acoustics is characterised by having a strong product portfolio with products such as doors, windows, panel silencers, anti-vibration mounts, etc. with extremely high performance. These products are undoubtedly the best documented, most proven and highest performing products on the market.
With our products we are able to solve almost all tasks within audiometry, test facilities, machine noise, sound studios, etc.
Today, the IAC Acoustics Group is one of the leading international suppliers of noise control and acoustic products.

Our Vision

To be globally recognised as the worlds most trusted supplier of engineered noise control products and acoustical systems.

Our Mission

We are committed to making the world a quieter place.

Our Values

We are committed to providing outstanding noise control solutions and service to our clients.

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