iac ro ro bafler opsat i produktionshal

Acoustics in production facilities

Poor acoustics and noise in the workplace is one of the most disease-provoking factors in Danish production facilities and factories. Poor acoustics impair speech intelligibility, and increases stress significantly. In the long run, this causes a number of diseases and sickness absences which will soon cost much more than it does to improve acoustic conditions.

Instructions about acoustics in industries

The WEA and building regulations have drawn up instructions for how the acoustics should be in production facilities, slaughterhouses, factories and more. Therefore, at IAC Acoustics A/S, we developed our own software which, in 10 minutes, can simulate the acoustics of a room and tell you what it takes to provide your room(s) with pleasant acoustics which are in line with Danish rules and guidances.

Noise in production facilities and factories

Noise in production facilities and factories is not always caused by poor acoustics alone. Most often, there are several sources of noise which cross each other and, despite otherwise good acoustics, there is still too much noise. In such situations, the noise sources must be located and treated individually. This may be machine noise, ventilation noise or e.g. valve noise.

Acoustic analysis of industrial noise

We are happy to pay you a visit, providing advice and guidance as well as performing an acoustic analysis. In connection with this, we also prepare a quote on the cost of relevant improvements. Usually, we take a modest fee for performing an acoustic analysis. This is due to our experience being greater and our engineering consultancy being more detailed than that of other companies selling acoustics regulation. If improvements are desired, this fee is deducted from the final invoice, so that the counselling part is free.

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