Conical & Chassis mounts, Ring mounts and Rubber Washers

Conical buffers are highly flexible in the axial direction and have good stability in the radial direction. Designed as a secured mount and is commonly used in mobile installations both onshore and offshore.


Conical Mounts

Specially designed mounts for use in mobile units.


Conical mounts AT

Buffer for machines requiring a high degree of radial stability.


CHM & captive rubber mounts TF

Two piece mount for pressure and tensile load.


Two piece Mount SCH

Two piece, secured, pressure and tensile load.


Two piece Mount SCB

For pressure and tensile load. Suitable for on-road and off-road vehicles.


Rubber Ring Mount RP

2 can be mounted for secure installation, durable.


Rubber buffers GS, GS1 and GS2

Rubber buffers, also available with metal insert.

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