bright room with hard surfaces which reflect sound

Reverberation Room

Echo chambers, sometimes called reverberating chambers, is characterised by having extremely long reverberation, as opposed to an anechoic or echo-free chamber, which has close to no reverberation. IAC Acoustics A/S builds reverberant chambers which make it possible to measure acc. to ISO 354.

RF shielded room with yellow door and a window

RF Protected Chambers

IAC Acoustics A/S has extensive experience with Faraday cage installations, and our solution distinguishes itself by not only having a high RF shielding, but also a high degree of acoustic dampening. Read more about Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 levels of RF protection, which can be combined uniquely with high requirements for noise reduction and acoustics.

gold-coloured computer chip seen close up

NANO room

IAC Acoustics A/S can build your new NANO laboratory. We have expertise in building rooms with exactly the properties required for a laboratory which works with NANO technology.

soundproof room for interview with table and chairs

Interview room

Interview rooms which allow confidential conversations are a job for IAC Acoustics A/S. We offer a comfortable setting for even the most unpleasant situation.

photograph of text on a computer screen close up

Secret rooms

Bug and espionage safe rooms are a niche in which IAC Acoustics A/S has specialised. The rooms are used for the storage of confidential documents and conversations between officers and officials with security clearances.

rodent with headphones on ears

Rooms for animal testing

Experiments with animal hearing and trials in which animals must not be disturbed by external sounds can be conducted in rooms from IAC Acoustics A/S. The hearing threshold of animals changes from race to race, but through a few adjustments, we can configure facilities which are usually intended for humans and hardware to be suitable for testing animals.

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