Eliminate machine noise with vibration dampers

Machine noise and vibrations

Noise pollution from production machines can be a significant challenge in many industries and work environments. Among other things, due to productivity, health and well-being, it is important to implement effective solutions for noise and vibration reduction.

IAC Acoustics offers a wide range of products within noise reduction, acoustic regulation and vibration isolation.

Damping sheets for noisy machines and ducts

Damping sheets is an important tool for reducing noise from machines and ducts. By placing the plate damping material on thin plate constructions, you can minimize the vibrations in the machine construction and thus reduce the noise level. The damping sheets are heavy, which also means that they provide extra sound insulation. In machine enclosures, damping sheets are often combined with a sound absorbent to achieve the most optimal noise reduction.

Sound absorbents reduce the reflection of sound

Sound absorbents reduce the reflection of sound waves when they hit a hard surface. Sound absorbents are used to improve the acoustics in work areas and minimize noise by reducing the reverberation time. Inside machine enclosures, they are very effective, as the machine noise, without a sound absorbent, would travel around the enclosure without being dampened. IAC Acoustics' very heavy sound absorbent also provides good sheet damping in thin steel sheet constructions.

Sound absorbers in machine enclosures

Vibration-related machine noise

Anti Vibration Mounts are used for active or passive vibration isolation. With active vibration isolation, the vibrations from a machine are dampened so that they do not spread in, for example, a building as structure borne noise. With passive vibration isolation, structure borne vibrations are dampened so they don't reach sensitive equipment, such as load cells or microscopes. In both cases, the anti vibration mounts are usually mounted between the machine and its foundation or sub-base.

Anti Vibration Mounts for machine noise

Damping of shock loads in machines

As agents for the French company Socitec, which uses cutting-edge technologies in shock and vibration engineering, we can supply the best products for machines in sectors such as the Navy, defense, aviation, aerospace, nuclear and much more.

Together with the customers, we devise shock absorption solutions so that the structural strength of the machines is not exceeded. From the design of products to the optimization of Shock absorbers, specifications from many different standards are used for equipment exposed to the most demanding vibrations, seismic waves and shock loads.

How to dampen noise from machines?

It is important to identify and assess the specific noise and vibration problems and choose the most appropriate products and methods to tackle them. In combination or separately, sound absorbents, vibration damping sheets and anti vibrations mounts all form effective solutions for noise reduction of machines and can help to reduce unnecessary and disturbing machine noise.

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